Urban Farm Girl: How To Transform Your City Kitchen Into The Farmhouse Kitchen You Left Behind

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If you're a farm girl at heart, you may feel a little out of place living in the city. You may long for the country life you traded in for your urban job. You may dream of returning to a simpler way of life.

Decorating your kitchen farmhouse style is the perfect way to bring a piece of the country back into your life. Farmhouse decorating is fun, and you won't have to look far to find plenty of items to transform your city kitchen into the farm kitchen you're longing for.

Color it country

Nothing transforms a room as fast as a fresh coat of paint on the walls. You can't go wrong with shades of white. Avoid bright whites. Choose antique whites, creamy whites, or those shades of white with a touch of beige.

Yellow is also a common color in farm kitchens. Look for pale yellow hues that resemble the color of butter to create a sunny and warm look without being overpowering.

Subtle shades of blue, with just a touch of gray, will provide a calming effect in a country kitchen. Using antique white or yellow for the trim with blue walls will make a powerful farmhouse statement.

Farmhouse-style furniture and cabinets

Think wood when selecting furniture for your farmhouse kitchen. Shop at your local furniture store for a classic wooden farm table in a square or round shape. Choose traditional chairs such as ladder-backed chairs or Windsor chairs to create a memorable farmhouse dining experience.

No farm kitchen would be complete without a wooden rocking chair. Look for a country-style rocker in natural wood or antique white with a distressed finish to add the perfect touch of charm to the room.

A shaker-style desk and chair placed by a window will provide the perfect spot for a mini kitchen office.

When shopping for new cabinets, look for warm woods in Shaker style or with traditional raised panels. Some good choices of wood include maple, oak, and pine. Choose several cabinets with open-display shelving. Use a combination of glass doors and solid doors to provide a perfect farmhouse look.

Farm-style fabrics

When it comes to fabrics for curtains and chair cushions, think about the types of designs that were created on a home weaving loom in the past. Checks, plaids, and stripes work well. Patchwork fabrics are also wonderful for a farm kitchen. Don't forget to purchase a patchwork quilt to drape over the rocking chair to entice guests to sit and visit.

For fabric accent pieces, chose rich but soft tones of color. Paprika-red, denim-blue, mustard-gold, and hunter-green fabrics will provide plenty of color for your farmhouse kitchen.

Farmhouse accents

Rag rugs, pottery, baskets, and tins are commonly found in farmhouses. Farm animal figurines such as roosters, pigs, cows, and chickens will add the perfect finishing touch to your newly designed kitchen.

Cooking utensils, metal egg baskets, and pewter vases make nice decorations in a farm kitchen. Silk sunflowers and daisies make nice centerpieces when placed in a crock or vase on the kitchen table.

When you create your own farmhouse-themed kitchen, you will feel right at home in the city. Your friends and family will feel welcome, and you may even imagine you see miles of farmland when you gaze out your kitchen window.