Primitive, Practical, And Pretty: How To Create A Modern-Day Kitchen Inspired By The Past

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If you are looking for the perfect way to make your kitchen more cozy and welcoming, look no further than the primitive style of decorating. Inspired by the simple and uncomplicated designs of the past, primitive decorating in the kitchen will take you back to a time when life was simpler and the kitchen was the heart of the home.

Color it primitive

When choosing paint for your kitchen walls, look for sage green, yellow, or soft blue. If you prefer lighter walls, you can paint the walls antique white and use greens, yellows, and blues for the trim to add a splash of primitive color.

For a bold look, choose burgundy red as an accent color to paint a pantry door, bench, or a free-standing hutch or cupboard.

Primitive furnishings

When you visit your local furniture stores, look for wooden furnishings with a worn or weathered look. Furnishings with an antique finish are also good options.

Large wooden tables were common in primitive kitchens and made it easy to accommodate unexpected visitors at meal time. In primitive times, furnishings were handmade as they were needed. Mix and match chairs to go with a large wooden table to provide an authentic primitive look.

Benches make wonderful kitchen accent pieces that are decorative and practical. A wooden bench placed near an entry door makes a welcoming spot to put on or remove shoes. Benches with lift-up seats are nice for storing extra kitchen linens or cooking equipment.

Free-standing cabinets with glass windows are perfect for showing off primitive collectibles. Punched-tin windows in a cabinet also work well in a primitive kitchen.

Primitive fabrics

Dying fabrics with tea was common in primitive times. Shop for primitive tea-dyed curtains, table runners, or place mats embellished with primitive stars, black crows, or miniature houses. Gingham checked fabrics are also good choices for your primitive kitchen. Look for the classic primitive colors of sage green, dark blue, burgundy red, or beige in a checked design.

Primitive décor

Tin is in when it comes to choosing décor for your primitive kitchen makeover. Look for tin teapots, cups, and kitchen utensils. Tin cookie cutters make a nice decorative garland when strung on jute or twine string.

Grapevine wreaths or swags make nice primitive decorations and can be decorated with tiny primitive houses or stars made of tin. Punched tin candle holders are the perfect primitive way to add a little ambiance to the kitchen.

If you long for the simpler way of life, designing your own primitive kitchen will take you back to a time when life was less complicated. Your primitive kitchen will become the heart of your home, and it will be a welcome retreat for friends and family who stop in for a visit.