How To Choose Space Saving Beds

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If you live in a small area, then you may need to be a bit more creative when it comes to fitting beds in your home. There are a lot of different types and styles of beds on the market, so you can find ones that provide you and your family with a comfortable sleep while taking up as little room as possible. This article will offer you information on some of the great space-saving models you can find for your home.

Bunk beds

Bunk beds are a great way for you to fit two beds in the same space one bed would normally take up. While bunk beds were once thought to be for kids, with a twin mattress on top of another twin, they now come in many styles.

You can find models with a larger-sized bed on the bottom and a smaller one on top, so they can accommodate adult sleepers now as well. There are also futon bunk beds where you can fold the larger bottom bed into a smaller one during the day so you can reclaim some of the extra floor space when you aren't sleeping.


Futon beds are a good choice if you like to do a fair amount of sitting in your room or if you have a guest room that you would like to double as an office or other type of room. A futon bed is one that looks like a couch and offers a comfortable sitting experience. However, if you need to turn it into a bed, then you can do so by doing a couple very simple maneuvers to pull it out into a flat position.

The frames of futons also come in a lot of styles so you can find one that goes with the rest of your décor. There are ones with wood frames or metal frames. The mattresses can come in just about any style and they can come in different materials, including suede, treated leather, wool and more.

Lifted beds

You can purchase a bed that is designed to sit up in the air, similar to the way a top bunk bed does. This type of bed allows you to make good use of the floor space in a room since you can put more furniture, such as a desk, underneath the bed.

Captain beds

Captain beds are beds that have large drawers underneath the mattress. This type of bed can be helpful when it comes to saving space because it can eliminate the need for extra drawers or a second dresser in the room.

Choosing beds that offer you comfort and save you space in the bedrooms has become much easier and you can find ones that add a great look to the décor of each room as well. For more information on beds, contact a business such as Abba's Mattress Outles.