How To Find Your Perfect Mattress

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When choosing a new mattress, don't fall for the idea that mattresses are one-size-fits-all. To put this into perspective, consider the fact that the support needs of a 125-pound person and those of a 225-pound person are going to be quite different. Consequently, the weight support configurations of the mattress should be examined in order to ensure proper support. This is true for a number of additional factors as well. Make sure you know what you're looking for.

Rest A While

When choosing a mattress, it's not enough to simply sit on the mattress for a couple of minutes to determine it's comfortable and decide to purchase. Before you can come to this type of conclusion, it's best to spend some time on the mattress. Some retailers offer trial periods, in which you can take the mattress home, sleep on it for a few days and then decide if this is the option you want.

If you aren't able to take advantage of this, bring a pillow from home along with you and spend several minutes on the mattress. For example, you could spend 10 minutes sitting down and another 10 minutes lying in your sleeping position. Spending more time on the mattress gives your body time to settle and better determine if it meets your comfort and support needs.

Research Your Sleep

While everyone sleeps, the reality is that each person doesn't sleep the same. Finding your perfect mattress requires that you have a good idea of your sleeping habits. For example, what position do you sleep in? Are you a side sleeper or do you tend to sleep on your back? For side sleepers, you want a mattress that will be supportive enough to keep your spine in a horizontal position while you are lying down. An innerspring would be an option for this type of sleeper.

For back sleepers, the mattress needs to have an adequate level of flexibility in order to support your spine while also leaving an allowance for the natural curve of the spine. In this case, a memory foam bed is a good option. When you know what you're sleeping habits are, this makes it easier to focus on the mattress styles that are best suited for you.

Once you've decided to purchase a new mattress, make sure you aren't making this purchase in haste. Finding the right mattress requires research and careful shopping habits. Make sure you are prepared to take your time for the best result.