When The Past Meets The Present: How To Make The Traditional And Modern Decorating Style Work Together In Kitchen Design

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Do you love the rustic and charming look of traditional kitchen design but can't resist the beauty of modern-day granite counter tops? Fortunately, you don't have to choose one style or the other when planning a kitchen makeover. Knowing how to properly blend two decorating styles together, and make them work, is the key to enjoying the rustic charm of the past and the sleek designs of the present in your kitchen.

Walls and floors

When blending two decorating styles, it's best to use white for your walls to prevent overpowering the room with color. Avoid harsh shades of bright white. Egg-shell white, antique-white, and off-white are good choices that will help you blend the traditional theme with a modern theme.

Wide-planked wood flooring in light to medium shades will add warmth to the room and provide a good balance of the old and new. Laminate flooring in shades of oak is another good option to consider.

Traditional cabinets, modern counter tops

Dark-stained cabinets with raised-panel doors and simple wooden knobs are at the heart of traditional-style decorating. When choosing cabinets, look for shades of deep brown or chocolate brown. The dark cabinets will make a dramatic contrast with the white walls.

Granite counter tops in mottled shades of taupe or beige will provide the perfect look of modern elegance and beauty when used with traditional cabinets. The fact that granite counter tops are durable, as well as resistant to abrasion and heat damage, make them wise investments in both traditional and modern kitchen design.

Shop for used furniture

Visit a local used furniture dealer to shop for furnishings for your kitchen. Look for a used kitchen table in a modern design. Windsor-backed chairs will add plenty of traditional charm when paired with a modern wooden table. Don't worry about a few nicks and scratches on the table or chairs. These small imperfections will make the kitchen look lived in and inviting.

Look for a free-standing cupboard in either traditional or modern style. Staining the cupboard in a shade slightly lighter than the other kitchen cabinets will provide a nice contrast of color.

Mix and match décor

A striped rag rug used under the table will provide the perfect blend of new and old. Baskets, crocks, and tin candle lanterns are good traditional items to use. Modern-style framed art and dinnerware will add the modern elegance you love while not distracting from the traditional charm.

Combining decorating styles makes it possible to enjoy the old and the new together. Knowing how to properly blend the traditional style with the modern style will help you create a kitchen that is filled with traditional charm and modern elegance.

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