Revamping An Old Wooden Desk Into A Work Of Art

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If you have just acquired or have an old desk that needs some care in making it appear pleasing, you may be able to do some refinishing work on your own to revamp it into an entirely different piece. Refinishing steps can be done in your spare time, leaving you with an eye-catching piece of furniture in the end. Here are a few ways you can revamp an old desk into an intriguing piece of art that will sure to be a conversation piece within your home or business.

Prepare The Desk For Refinishing

Before you can decorate your desk, flaws should be handled so you are working with a solid piece of wood. Remove all hardware from your desk and set it aside until you have completed your project. To find flaws, rub mineral spirits into the wood with a clean paintbrush. After this is applied, flawed spots will be very noticeable. Take note of their locations as they will be less noticeable when the mineral spirits dry. 

Make Necessary Repairs

Remove water marks with petroleum jelly. Apply the petroleum jelly to the affected areas by hand and allow it to sit overnight. The next day, rub the substance off the desk using a piece of microfiber cloth. In many cases, this process will eliminate water rings and white spots altogether.

If the wood has chipped portions, they can be filled in using a wood putty filler. This pliable substance can be pushed into any areas missing small pieces of wood. It can also fill in cracks. Push the material into place with your fingers and allow it to harden. Use sandpaper to remove any excess putty, leaving you with a smooth surface as a result.

Remove any existing paint or stain from your desk by using a sander or by hand. This will leave you with an untreated wood piece. Start with a medium-grit sandpaper and switch to a fine-grit to smooth the wood. Vacuum all sawdust after you finish in preparation for decorating your desk.

Decorate Your Desk Creatively

Add new stain in a unique color by rubbing it into the wood with a piece of clean cloth. When it dries, add some symbols or wording by using stencils in random locations on the stained surface. Make sure to use a contrasting color of stain or paint when applying over the stencil so the results are noticed.

Consider painting your desk in a tie-dyed, marbled, or camouflaged pattern using several colors of paint. This project can be done yourself by applying the paint via sea sponge or dry piece of cloth instead of a paintbrush. Another idea is to splatter paint over the desk by flicking a paintbrush of paint toward the piece of furniture. This should be done while the desk sits on a tarp outdoors. 

Make your desk appear distressed by painting it a solid color, then adding petroleum jelly sporadically to the dried paint. Paint over the first coat of paint with another color of paint. When it dries, wipe down the surface with a piece of clean cloth. The areas where the petroleum jelly were present will wipe away, leaving the bottom layer of color to peek through. To learn more, speak with a business like Leisure Furniture & Powder Coating Inc.