Five Furniture Options To Give Your Child When They Get Their First Apartment

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When your child gets their first apartment, there is a lot of furniture that they will need. You want to be sure that you buy furniture that will serve their needs nicely without taking up a ton of room in their apartment. The following guide walks you through a few great pieces of furniture to get for your child's first apartment.

A Futon Sofa

A futon sofa is a sofa that can be folded flat to serve as a bed in your child's apartment. They could use the futon as the sole bed in their apartment, or they could simply use it as an additional bed when they have guests come to visit.

A Set of Nesting Tables

Nesting tables are tables that fit snugly under one another to ensure that they can be stored in one area of the house when they are not in use. When your child needs to provide multiple people with a table to use, your child can pull the tables out and arrange them throughout the room.

Stacking Stools

There are stools available that stack flat on top of one another so that they can be used as a single stool when there are not a lot of people in the space. When there are multiple people in the apartment, your child can provide everyone with their own seat, without needing a lot of storage space in their apartment for all of the stools.

A Small Rolling Cart

If your child's kitchen does not have a lot of storage space, a rolling cart can serve as a great addition to the space. A cutting board could be placed on the top of the rolling cart to allow it to serve as additional counter space in their kitchen. The rolling cart should have locks on the wheels to keep the cart from rolling when your child leans on it to cut something on the cutting board or prepare a meal.

Storage Bench

A padded storage bench can be a great addition to a small apartment because your child can use the bench as a place for people to sit and can store things out of sight inside the bench. The benches are often available with stylish upholstery on the outside of them to give them character.

All of these pieces of furniture are compact to ensure that they do not take up too much floor space and are still quite useful when needed. Be sure to choose styles and colors that your child will like using in their apartment. Check out companies like Fickes Furniture to find the right furniture for your child's needs.