Transform Your Dining Room With Nautical Style

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Perhaps you have a Cape Cod style house or you simply want to promote a seaside feel in your dining room. Whatever the reason, you've decided to makeover your dining room. It's time for new dining room furniture, accent pieces, and décor. Keep your dining room classically chic by transforming it with nautical style.

Start with the Color Palette

Many different color schemes, from beachy brights to sandy neutrals, engender the feeling of being by the sea. However, Better Homes and Gardens suggests a color palette with white as its neutral hue and utilizing silver, navy blue, aqua and seashell pink for accenting. You could also replace pink with red for a classic Cape Cod color palette. The walls should feature the neutral base, in this case white.

Select the Furniture

Wicker is traditional for a nautical inspired space. However, if you use your dining room a lot, you may want the main furnishings to be sturdier. Indeed, look for comfortable, wooden tables and chairs. When it comes to the cushions, you could opt for white or one of the accent colors. Indeed, white and navy stripes truly promote the nautical ambiance. For accent furniture, perhaps here you'll select wicker. Otherwise, choose wooden furniture that channels the look of a boat. For example, look for an accent table with a slatted top. Alternatively, get creative by selecting a wooden chest or barrel that you use as a table.

Add Lighting

The key to any successful lighting is to add it in layers. For a nautical dining room, start with a statement piece as your central lighting. For example, choose a chandelier with spokes that resemble a boat's steering wheel. Next, add table or floor lamps in accent colors. For instance, look for lamps with silver bases and navy blue shades. Finally, include a few hurricane lamps for a seaside ambiance.

Decorate with Accent Pieces

The accent pieces you select really promote that seaside feeling. Anything with a nautical or beach theme works. Indeed, it's better to select one of those themes and stick with it. For example, consider using driftwood, seashells, sea glass and starfish to decorate your dining room. Alternatively, look for items that seem to have come off a boat. You could mount a boat wheel or even paddles on the wall. Additionally, look for old compasses to place on shelves. Don't forget to hang some sea-inspired artwork on the wall as well – simply ensure the frame is within your color scheme for cohesion.

Imagine yourself sipping tea on a yacht every time you step into your dining room.