How to Furnish a Shared Kids' Room: Three Helpful Ideas

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The idea of sharing a bedroom may not make your kids enthusiastic, but there are a few essential items you can purchase from your local furniture store that can help. Use these ideas as inspiration when you go shopping and find unique ways to create a shared space for your kids that they can fall in love with.

Create a Study Corner

Instead of trying to figure out how to fit two desks in the bedroom, create a study corner that both kids can use for doing homework and working on projects. Choose a round or square table for this, and purchase two chairs in different colors so each child can have an assigned chair. Invest in two small file cabinets (preferably in fun colors) that they can use to store their own notebooks and art supplies. You can even stencil them with paints to personalize each cabinet. Add some shelves to the wall in the corner to store books and keep them low enough on the wall for your little ones to reach. If you have enough room, consider matching child-sized armchairs for a cozy place to snuggle up with a good book.

Invest in Two Twin Beds

Bunk beds are great for saving space, but investing in two twin beds makes it easy to create separate spaces in the room for each child. Take your children to the furniture store with you so they can choose the beds. They may want matching beds, or they may want to choose different styles to suit their personalities. Be sure to add a nightstand next to each bed, and place a table lamp on each table. This will make it easier for them to read before bed.

Add a Locker Wall

Closet space may be hard to come by for two kids. Instead of trying to fit everything in one closet, consider creating a wall of locker-style storage units. These units come in a wide range of colors, and the separate compartments make it easy to store toys, clothes and other items. Consider labeling each locker to show who it belongs to and what should go inside each one. You can also used this same principle with open book shelves and storage bins if you need additional storage space. Reserve the closet for large items you want to keep out of sight, and let the little ones share these storage spaces.

Bring your children with you to furniture stores such as Affordable Business Interiors Chairs and look for other little pieces you can use to complete the room, such as wall art or decorative lamps. When the children are involved in picking out the furniture, they may be more likely to get excited over sharing a room together.