Common Causes of Recliner Problems

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Recliners are popular simply because of the comfort that they offer. It can therefore be very irritating when your favorite recliner starts getting uncomfortable. While disposing of your recliner and getting a new one is a solution to this discomfort problem, there are times when simply tracing the source of the problem and fixing it is the easiest and cheapest option. This is so especially if you've had your recliner for a number of years and it carries a history of great memories of you and your loved ones. The following are common causes of recliner problems. Knowing them will go a long way towards helping you know what you need to do to fix your recliner.

Compressed seat padding problem

Padding is what is largely responsible for a recliner's comfort. It gives the seat balance. It also gives it structure, something that usually goes a long way in ensuring that the seat gives the right support to both your back and your neck.

With time, the seat padding gets compressed. This alters the shape of the chair. It robs the chair of the curves that make it possible for every part of your body to rest comfortably on the recliner. It can also create a leaning effect in the chair, something that will place undue strain on your back and neck. It may then cause you to have back and neck pain.

To eliminate padding-related recliner problems, simply have the padding replaced. That will both fully restore a recliner's comfort and be cheaper than buying a new recliner.

Broken spring or detached spring problem

A recliner's spring usually work together with the padding to give the seat its snugly feel. Springs also help to give the chair its structure. Having a broken spring is, therefore, bound to affect not only the shape of the chair, but also its comfort levels.

A common sign of a broken spring problem is a hole forming at the center of the chair. You can check for a broken spring by rolling the chair over. If you see any spring jutting through the dust cover, it is likely broken. This may also happen in cases where the spring has become detached.

To fix a spring problem, simply replace the broken springs. If you have detached springs are to blame for your discomfort, reattaching the springs will solve the problem.

If you've taken the above steps and your recliner is still uncomfortable, check out a furniture retailer near you for other options.