Choosing The Right Storage Furniture For Your Bedroom

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Ample storage is something that many homeowners lack. Investing in the right furniture pieces can help you increase the amount of available storage in your home- especially in the bedroom.

If you find that your closets are filled to capacity but you are still in need of space, then purchasing storage furniture for your bedroom can be a valuable solution.

Consider the size of your bedroom.

One of the first things you should do when investing in storage furniture for your bedroom is consider the size of the room itself. There are two common types of storage furniture designed specifically for the bedroom. These are a dresser and a chest of drawers.

A dresser features a short, wide design that can be too bulky for a small room. A chest of drawers provides you with the ability to take advantage of the vertical space within your bedroom. Drawers are stacked on top of one another is a singular column, allowing a chest of drawers to have a much smaller footprint than a dresser.

Consider your daily routine.

It's important that you take the time to think about your daily routine before purchasing storage furniture for your bedroom. If you frequently try on several different outfits before making your final selection, then a dresser might be the better option.

Many dressers come equipped with an attached mirror, allowing you to literally get dressed in front of the furniture piece (hence the name 'dresser'). If you already have adequate space for a full-length mirror in your bedroom, then the storage space provided by a chest of drawers will be enough.

Think about multiple uses.

Incorporating storage furniture into your bedroom's design allows you the opportunity to take advantage of the versatility these items can provide. The top of a chest of drawers can double as a display shelf where you can place photographs or collectible items.

The large area on top of a dresser can free up valuable counter space in your bathroom by housing toiletries, makeup, and other sundries. You can also use both a dresser or a chest of drawers as a stand for your television. Giving bedroom furniture multiple uses helps you more effectively incorporate larger items like a dresser or chest of drawers into your living space.

Selecting a dresser or a chest of drawers to add to your bedroom can increase storage space and help you keep your bedroom more organized in the future. Work with furniture dealers that sell Knoll furniture and other brands to learn more.