Salvage A Wooden-Framed Ottoman By Replacing The Fabric And Stuffing

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Don't be inclined to toss your wooden-framed ottoman into the burn pile or trash bin if it has a long tear in its fabric and most of the foam pieces that were previously concealed have fallen out of the furnishing. Salvage the footrest by removing the tattered fabric and securing a new piece that contains fresh foam pieces.

Remove The Fabric And Stuffing And Clean The Frame

Determine how the ottoman is constructed by visually inspecting the portion of the furnishing that is directly under the cushioned section. A liner or wooden surface will likely be present that is used as a barrier that will support the foam pieces that are encased in the new piece of fabric that you secure to the top of the ottoman.

If the fabric was previously secured with stitching or upholstery staples, use a stitch ripper or staple remover to assist with removing the torn piece of fabric. Be mindful of the wooden frame so that you do not accidentally gouge it with the tool that is used to release the fabric from the frame. Remove any pieces of stuffing that are resting on top of the liner or wooden surface. Use a microfiber cloth to dust and polish the wooden frame

Add Foam Pieces And Secure The Fabric

Use the old piece of fabric as a guide so that you can choose a piece of replacement fabric that is large enough to cover the top of the ottoman. Pick a fabric color and print that is similar to the fabric that originally covered the ottoman or material that is completely different to give the ottoman an overall new look.

Buy a bag of foam pieces. If you want the cushion to be softer or more supportive than it previously was, choose a stuffing type that contains smaller or larger pieces of foam. Lay the new piece of fabric across the top of the ottoman. Use a an upholstery stapler to secure three sides of the fabric to the frame.

Attach the staples underneath the wood so that the staples are concealed. Add foam pieces to the space that is between fabric and the liner or the wooden surface that is underneath the fabric. Use your hands to spread the foam pieces out. If the fabric is sagging in any areas, add more foam pieces until the fabric is smooth across the entire surface of the ottoman.

Use the stapler to secure upholstery staples to the fourth side of the fabric and the wooden frame. Test out the mended ottoman by placing it in front of your chair. Sit down, relax, and rest your feet on top of the cushion.

For professional help, contact a local furniture repair service.