These Oft-Forgotten Features Can Influence How Happy You Are With Your New-To-You Desk

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With the drive to make offices look as up-to-date as possible, lots of used workstations have come onto the market. That's a benefit for you because you have all these great desks to choose from at lower prices. However, going for the lowest-priced, oldest desks out of a need to save money can backfire if you forget to look at a few features. You may or may not need all of these, but if you need any that the desk doesn't have, that could make you less happy with your purchase. Remember to look at everything you need from the desk and not just the price.

Desk Grommets for Cables

Office workstations typically have holes along the back of the tabletop called desk grommets. These are holes through which you're supposed to stick computer cables and more, in an attempt to tame the wild electrical-cord beast that seems to camp behind everyone's desks. If you're going to have only one or two items with cords, or if you have your own system for corralling them, then you might not need a desk grommet. If you have a lot of cords that you had put through grommets in the past, though, you definitely need to look for this feature on any used desk you buy. Older desks may not have these.

The Dust Problem

Workstations come in all shapes and sizes, it seems, and a lot of them have various shelves, cubbyholes, and hutches. Consider how much dust will build up at the back of the desk around the base of a hutch, or how easy or hard it will be to reach under a low shelf to dust the area. Some workstations turn into real dust traps, and you want to be sure you get one that is easy to clean. There's nothing wrong with having hutches or shelves; you just want to be aware of what can happen regarding cleaning so you can choose a style that you'll find easy to care for.

Adjustable Tops

The standing desk phenomenon is now a few years old, and many newer desks have adjustable platforms for increasing the height of computers. These let you stand up occasionally while continuing to work. Older desks will not have these built in; you'll have to buy desktop platforms. That's not a major obstacle, but a built-in adjustable platform is a preference for many.

Of course, there's a solution for every issue; if you find a desk you like with a great price but note that it has no grommets, you can create your own cord channel, for example. But it's always nicer to find a desk that meets all your needs. For more information on finding a pre-owned work station, contact your local furniture retailer.