Artists, Gig Interviews, And The Value Of An L-Shaped Desk

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A desk has to be functional, or else it won't support a professional's ability to best use the desk. A graphic artist won't find him/herself capable of getting a job done when behind an uncomfortable desk. An electric L-shape desk base might deliver comfort thanks to spacious legroom that allows an artist to work effectively. The desk also comes off as somewhat casual, which can put would-be clients at ease. Artists who accept work-from-home assignments might not think the looks count, but visuals may mean a lot during a webcam pitch.

The Same Impression - Live or Via Cam

There's only one impression an artist or illustrator should make: a positive one. When a client intends to hire an author to illustrate a book or take on a complex, involved project, he/she wants to choose the right person. If the artist doesn't work out, the project stalls until a replacement comes on board. Relying exclusively on local talent and solely examining portfolios might not assist the best hiring choice. The client might depend heavily on the artist's pitch and presentation. So, an artist has to come off well via a webcam. Sitting behind the right desk won't be the primary decision-swaying component, but it can help. Anyone passionate about being selected for a specific job probably won't overlook anything that can assist in getting the nod.

A Helpful and Professional Prop

Although the desk is more than a prop, it can still serve as a valuable theatrical item during the interview. Setting the webcam where it captures the desk gets across a message of professionalism. After all, professionals sit behind desks to conduct their work seriously. An artist would have a harder time getting across an air of professional while sitting on a couch. 

A Casual Component

An L-shaped desk is formal, but not excessively so. Artists might not benefit from coming off as too stiff. Creative people seem to make good impressions when somewhat casual. Just look at any celebrity interview and notice their slight informality. An L-shape desk gets across a relaxed style while not detracting from professionalism - a decent mix.

Framing the Cam Image

The desk also works as a tool to help frame the webcam's image. The artist benefits from the desk's prop value, but he/she must remain the main image in the picture. Using the desk to frame visuals could improve the artist's placement.

Ultimately, the combination of functional value and theatrical aesthetics could make an L-shape desk the perfect choice for artists looking to land gigs.